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Dora Lewis

From beginner to band Specialists in guiding kids and their parents through the 7 Essential Skills of Guitar Start TODAY From Beginner to band Build confidence, get creative and become a part of our community Start TODAY

Our Programmes

Structured methodology, measurable goals, regular lessons and daily practice.

To find out more about our Beginner To Band programme, book in 15 minute call with us.

Young Beginners (4-6)

A fun and gentle introduction to guitar for children aged 4-6.

Juniors (7-11)

A structured, fun, easy-to-follow guitar programme for children aged 7-11.

Teens & Adults (12+)

A proven method of guitar instruction for teens and adults aged 12+.


Some of Our Students

Many of our younger students started with us aged just 5 or 6 and over time have developed their confidence, sense of belonging and a real love of music. They now feel invincible jamming together, forming bands & even taking part in our teacher training programme!

We also have some amazing adult learners, many of whom started with us in response to a period of upheaval in their lives. They were looking to reconnect with themselves or their youth, meet new people and make new friends. They have found connection through music and now feel part of a caring, inclusive community.

What’s Included?

Our Beginner to Band Programme includes everything you need to start on your guitar journey

By providing regular opportunities for our students to play and perform, they get to apply their skills into real-life musical situations. Students can play the music they love sooner and experience the unbeatable thrill of performing on stage in front of friends and family!

Our programme starts on the first of every month and our first goal is to inspire our students to persevere with their lessons beyond the first year. We know from experience that students who do this will be much more likely to discover their potential, develop a life-long love of music and be excited to grow both as a person and as a musician. The guitar journey is one that never ends and many of our students have been learning, playing and performing with us for 6 years or more.

Learning materials

Online learning portal

Onboarding session

Goal setting session

Weekly online live group lessons

The G4 Guitar Methodology

Weekly Open Masterclasses

Monthly private lessons

Monthly jam sessions

Exclusive access Facebook group

Support via phone and email

End of term performances at a real life music venue!