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Summer Showcase 2018

Summer Showcase 2018

Check out some performances from our Summer Showcase 2018. This first bunch all took the plunge and played as part of a full band – accompanied by other students, teachers and a drummer and bass player!

We encourage all our students, regardless of age or ability, to get involved in our twice-yearly performances. After all, there’s no better way to improve your playing, show off what you can do in front of your friends and family and, above all, HAVE FUN playing guitar!

First up, here’s the closer from this event, the Guns N’Roses classic Sweet Child O’ Mine. Aaryan played lead guitar, Ky played rhythm and Sevgin sang. Great stuff!

Have a look at young Shrada singing and playing rhythm guitar on Hotel California, with Tarun smashing his way through the lead guitar parts, accompanied by our teacher Zak.

Here’s Rik & his son Tom performing Wooly Bully, accompanied by our teacher Mike. We love helping families play music together at our events 🙂

This next video features two of our long-term students, Sevgin & Trevor, performing the Carrie Underwood song Before he Cheats. 

One of our young superstars, Hari, performs Sultans of Swing. Hari was just 6 years old when he started with us. Check out what he can do now! 

Ellie returns to our 2018 event to play her take on All the Small Things by Blink 182.  As well as becoming an awesome guitar player, Ellie also sings and plays drums – go Ellie! 

We had a lot of fun learning this one!  Bass student Ansh chose Cry of Achilles by Alter Bridge for his performance piece. 

Long term student Dhruv returned for our summer event, this time tackling the Led Zeppelin classic Immigrant Song.  Like many of our students, Dhruv was just 6 when he started learning with us and is fast becoming a forces to be reckoned with on guitar!

Check this out!  Aaryan was just 6 when started learning with us and he is now training to teach with us.  Here he is performing Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher – such an awesome job!

Tarun is another of our students who started with us at a young age and made quick progress. He did an awesome job performing his choice of AC/DC’s Shook Me All Night Long.

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