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Why Learn With The G4 Guitar Method?

Why Learn With The G4 Guitar Method?

Like any new skill, learning to play guitar takes time. Despite what you may read elsewhere on the internet, there are no quick fixes – you have to put in the work!  Even if your goal is simply to be able to strum and sing a few songs, this usually takes several months to achieve, at a minimum.

However, some approaches to learning guitar are more efficient than others. I often speak to people who have spent many years trying to teach themselves by doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, or who have learnt with teachers who had no clear learning plan.  As a result, they’ve made very little progress.

The G4 GUITAR METHOD is the antidote to that.  It is structured, fun, easy to follow and, due to its system of levels and checklists, you will always see how much progress you’ve made and what you need to focus on next.

Read on for more info on how the G4 GUITAR METHOD will help you become a successful guitar player, in the shortest amount of time possible.


The G4 GUITAR METHOD has been developed over 30+ years by David Hart and an ever increasing number of G4 GUITAR teachers.

The main difference with the G4 GUITAR METHOD is it’s a structured method of learning, taught by trained teachers and covers the 7 Essential Skills of Guitar. We believe the G4 GUITAR METHOD is the best way to learn guitar, especially for beginners.   

The purpose of the method is to enable you to learn to play your favourite songs as quickly as possible by first focussing on the 7 Essential Skills of guitar:  Picking, Chords, Arpeggios, Scales, Rhythm, Reading, Aural & Theory.  By following our step by step curriculum, you’ll become a confident, successful guitar player faster, get a sense of momentum & progress and have a lot of fun while you’re at it!

Another great thing about the method is that it is constantly being revised and updated by the G4 GUITAR Network, which now comprises 60+ schools all over the world.  It is bigger than any one school or teacher and by combining our knowledge and experiences, we ensure the method continues to improve over time, as it is tested on thousands of students every week.


 Depending on your or your child’s age, we’ll start you on our Young Beginner, Junior or Senior Guitar programme. 

Young Beginner – This level has been designed specifically for children aged 3-6 (although here at G4 Guitar Croydon, the youngest age we take is 4).  Most guitar teachers will not teach children of this age and there’s a very good reason for that.  If we try to teach a 5 year old in the same way we teach an 8 or 9 year old, we are doomed to failure!

Back when I first started teaching, I tried exactly that and concluded that it was just too hard to teach kids below the age of about 7.  When I discovered the G4 Young Beginner method, I realised I’d been going about it all wrong and that it is perfectly possible to give this age group a good start on guitar, providing they are taught in an appropriate way.

For this age group, it’s all about learning while having fun, playing games & not being put under the same practice and progress expectations as older students.  Some students get through this method in a few months and are then ready to move straight onto our Junior method. Others take longer and that’s OK – there is really no rush and the aim of the Young Beginner programme is to provide a positive introduction to music and the guitar.

Find more information on our Young Beginner Guitar programme here

Junior –  There are 5 Junior levels and they have been put together for the 7-11 age group.  This is a great age to start learning guitar and start cultivating a life-long love of music!  Your child will move up to the Senior programme once they start secondary school or if they have finished all 5 Junior levels – whichever comes first.  Once they’ve finished Junior Level 5, they are ready to move straight onto Senior Level 4, so will not need to start again from scratch.  It typically takes 2-3 years to complete all 5 Junior levels, although some more dedicated students will get them done faster.

Find more information on our Junior Guitar programme here

Senior – If you’re an adult, or your child is aged 12 or above, you’ll start here and go through the 5 levels.  If you already have some playing experience, we’ll test your knowledge of the 7 Essential Skills and suggest an appropriate level for you. It typically takes 2-3 years to get through all 5 Senior levels, although it can be done much faster with more dedication and practice!

Find more information on our Senior Guitar programme here  


After you have completed the G4 GUITAR METHOD, you’ll be proficient in the 7 Essential Skills and will be able to use them to play thousands of well-known songs, regardless of the style of music you are into in.

Now you are ready to start specialising.  Whether you want to play pop, blues, rock, metal, jazz or folk fingerstyle, withe foundations in place you can go deeper into your chosen style.  This is where the fun really starts!


Along every stage of your guitar journey, we will show you how to play songs which use the skills you are learning.  You’ll also be given opportunities to collaborate with other guitarists (both online and, when the time is right, offline) as you’ll have the most fun learning and playing with others.


Step 1: Contact us to book a free taster online guitar lesson.  We’ll make sure we can see and hear you properly, help you get your guitar in tune and show you a couple of basic skills so you can start practicing right away!

Step 2: Book your 5 Week Intro course.  These are 5 private lessons, where we can get you started on the method most appropriate for you, help you set up a practice routine and start measuring your progress.

Step 3: Join our main group programme.  We’ll find a suitable group (max. 5 students) for you so that you can learn alongside students of a similar age and level.  Learning in groups is the best way to stay motivated and make the fastest progress you can.

Check out the benefits of group learning here

Step 4: Specialise in your chosen style and become the best guitar player you can be!

As you can see, there are many roads to becoming a successful guitar player but not all of them will keep you on the right path. 

With the G4 GUITAR METHOD, our trained teachers and your regular practice (between 10-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, depending on your/your child’s age), the road you take will be much smoother and help you achieve your playing goals much faster.

I’ve been teaching guitar for nearly 15 years and since introducing the G4 GUITAR METHOD, our students’ progress has skyrocketed.  If you are serious about learning guitar properly, I encourage you to begin your journey with us or a G4 GUITAR School near you 🙂

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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