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Dora Lewis

Learn Guitar with Own A Chord in London Guitar Confidence for Life We turn complete beginners into confident, successful guitar players Start Today! guitar classes for Teen & adults Learn Guitar with Own A Chord in London Guitar Lessons With a Difference The key ingredients to take you from beginner to band start today!

Our Packages

a small girl playing a Guitar
Young Beginners (4-6)

A fun and gentle introduction to guitar for children aged 4-6.

boy playing guitar
Juniors (7-11)

A structured, fun, easy-to-follow guitar programme for children aged 7-11.

girl with a guitar
Teens & Adults (12+)

A proven method of guitar instruction for teens and adults aged 12+.


About Us

Own A Chord teach the 7 Essential Skills of Guitar to beginner guitarists and we specialise in guiding kids and their parents through the process.

We give them opportunities to connect with others, play their favourite songs and perform onstage along the way. We work with those who love music and want to gain a musical skill that will provide decades of pleasure and opportunity, building confidence that stays with them for life.

Did you know around 90% of people who start learning guitar quit within the first year? We exist to buck that trend. Having taught hundreds of students over the past 15 years, we’ve discovered the key ingredients that go into turning complete beginners into confident, successful guitar players.

Our Model

But if you think it’s just about “guitar lessons”, you’ve missed the point… our unique methodology includes everything our students (and their parents) need to set themselves up for success.  It includes:

G: Goals

G – Goals: our students know why they are learning guitar. They set clear, measurable goals and we help them achieve them

U: Underlying Structure

U – Underlying Structure: our students follow a structured learning journey, including our proven method for success, regular lessons and daily practice so that they can achieve their goals faster

I: Instilling Skills

I – Instilling Skills: our students learn the 7 Essential Skills of Guitar and develop the correct techniques right from the start, saving years of headaches and fixing bad habits

T: Tutor Support

T – Team/Tutor Support: our students and their parents get support from our friendly team outside their regular lessons to ensure they stay focused and motivated 

A: Air the Songs

A – Air the Songs: our students learn appropriate songs at every stage of their learning journey so they can put their skills into context and play the music they love

R: Represent on Stage

R – Represent on Stage: our students get regular opportunities to showcase their skills and progress at our exclusive performance events

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